Dwelling terms

  In our hotel we aspire to create proper conditions for our guests dwelling. Therefore we elaborated a list of terms which has the aim to keep order and domestic surroundings.

  1. Our door is open for you twenty four hours long seven days per week.
  2. You can get keys only after having produced your guest card.
  3. The pay-time is the noon. If you leave later than the pay-time you have to pay as for twenty four hours dwelling. You can stay for a while in the room in consultation with administration, however. The payment is executed during settling.
  4. In case of dwelling less than twenty four hours the dwelling payment is levied as for twenty four hours dwelling independently of settling time and departure time.(No pay by the hour).
  5. We don’t host people without passport or any equivalent document.
  6. We don’t host drunk people.
  7. Your guests may visit you every day since 8.00 till 23.00.
  8. We ask you to behave politely towards other guests, living next door. Please, avoid loud sounds of the tv set, talking and laughing since 22.00 till 7.00.
  9. Please, be careful with the property and equipment of our hotel. Before departure we examin the room. In case of any spoiling or loss of the property and equipment, should be compensation of the cost, provided by the administration.
  10. It is forbidden to smoke in numbers and halls of hotel, for this purpose smoking areas are stipulated.
  11. We ask you to observe fire prevention rules for living.
  12. We ask you to observe cleanliness, to close water-folding cranes on the termination of using, a window, to switch off lighting devices, the TV, leaving to lock a room.